Social Media Marketing – Establishing Connections

Social media marketing is a powerful tool that enables you to form personal connections with potential consumers, vividly capture their attention and indirectly market your product or service. Subtlety is key – social media can strongly promote your domain and enhance your Internet presence, however, you will not make connections by using ‘hard sell’ techniques.

The general idea behind social media marketing is to help and inform the consumer and then expose them gently to your indirect marketing concept. There are several strategies that you can implement in order to establish a genuine personal connection with users so that you can indirectly market your product and encourage the expansion of Internet traffic. These include:

  • Providing useful, accurate and relevant information
  • Entertaining and amusing the user
  • Explore social issues and current events
  • Genuinely reviewing a product, service, location or experience

How Does Social Media Marketing Work?

In order to raise your online profile and create a strong domain presence you may wish to consider Social Media Marketing. This digital marketing strategy has recently exploded onto the Internet scene and now the majority of companies devote a significant portion of their marketing budget to this highly effective advertising strategy.

Connecting with users can take place through a diverse range of media sharing and social network contexts for example –

  • Twitter
  • Blogs
  • YouTube
  • Flickr
  • Facebook
  • Myspace

By creating an online community, it is possible to establish virtual connections with an enormous network of potential clients and customers. Let’s take a look at two specific examples.

Twitter – Establish Trust and Interest

Microblogging is an extremely short blog that is restricted in length. This forces the tweet to contain maximum information in the fastest time possible. You must not exceed 140 characters. Tweets should be short, punchy and compelling in order to capture the interest of your target audience. Don’t try to instantly sell your business concept, build a following, create an interesting series of tweets and then gradually mention your product after you have established trust and interest. People really do resent the hard sell approach, so the idea here is ‘softly, softly’. You are not purely advertising, you are informing and entertaining online users and simultaneously promoting your product.

YouTube – A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. It is likely that the majority of the 1 billion Internet users available globally have used YouTube. It is a virtual melting pot of information and entertainment. People watch videos containing music, entertainment, news, ‘how to’ procedures, product reviews – basically the content is unlimited in its scope. You really can YouTube anything. Because many people are visual learners, it is a highly effective method of learning a procedure or process. For example, you wish to sell motor oil online. You may create an informative YouTube video entitled ‘How to Perform an Oil Change’.

  • Create a short video filming someone performing an oil change and giving instructions verbally.
  • Insert a link to your domain.
  • Place you URL in the description box of your video clip.
  • Wear a T-Shirt advertising your website while performing the oil change.
  • People will watch the video and follow your link to your e-commerce venture selling motor oil.
  • Alternatively, you may do a short product review and simultaneously promote your service.

This form of social media marketing is underpinned by the concept of a mutually beneficial relationship. You impart wisdom or practical advice to the consumer and they become aware of your business.

A final word… There are many different forms of social media marketing out there and it is well worth exploring all available options and dedicating some of your advertising budget to take advantage of the potential. If you are blogging, tweeting or video sharing focus on creating an online virtual community, establish mutually beneficial relationships, create trust and genuinely help and inform your potential consumers. Get the users interested, make them want to come back to your social media zones and in the process tempt them to take a look at your business. It truly is a ‘win win’ situation.